Ramsey Embick



The purpose of this website is firstly promotion - that said, I am going to try to leave out the part where “all who read this become convinced that every note I play will move a mountain!” or somehow the weight of which will change your life and everyone else’s.  Yo. . .  music is probably just not that important - however, I can promise that in spite of the fact that I would like to move some hearts or just as importantly move some booty - you will not find the EPA coming after me for removing the tops of mountains. Ahh. . . promotion - hey, I live to play LIVE music!  And I get that if you’ve gotten this far you’re no doubt looking for a performance with me in it!  So, amongst these pages you will find a schedule, some available music, video links, a bit of info about me and some photos of some of my activities, band mates and friends.